Where is your furniture produced?

Our custom pieces are produced in North Carolina by some of the industry’s best artisans. North Carolina is known to be the world’s premier source for high-quality furniture. Thanks to time honored traditions that have been passed down through generations, each piece of The Hickory Oak Furniture brings decades of expertise to your home.

How does The Hickory Oak differ from other furniture brands?

When it comes to furniture built by The Hickory Oak, there are two main differences.

The first is our QUALITY:

The Hickory Oak is NOT a “fast furniture company” in which relatively inexpensive furniture is massed produced, easy to obtain and then abandoned, which is a problem at our landfills.

Because The Hickory Oak has its own manufacturing plant, we control every material that goes into your piece of furniture. We only use top-quality materials.  A huge amount of care goes into designing and creating your custom piece. Our entire process is completed by hand, by our trained experts. You won’t end up with assembly line defects or overlooked production errors. We see every cut, joint, and stitch up close. The result is furniture of the utmost quality.

Second is our PRICE:

We source everything from the United States. This keeps us from paying high container rates and cuts down on our lead times. We also have no middleman; we design, create, and manufacture your piece at The Hickory Oak Furniture Company located in North Carolina. When you buy from The Hickory Oak, you are getting a high-end piece of furniture at a low-end price.

What should I know about buying custom furniture?

Each of our pieces is individually handcrafted, with all elements from wood finishes to upholstery details hand-done by our skilled craftsmen. This process results in natural variations from piece to piece, which are expected and contribute to the unique beauty of our furniture. Here are the types of variations you can expect to see in handcrafted, custom furniture:

  • Fabric dye lots may vary: Slight differences in texture, color or appearance among fabrics (and leathers) may be found, for example between swatches and furniture pieces.
  • Wood finishes may vary: Our finishes are applied by hand to exposed legs and bases made from 100% hardwood. Slight color variations are expected between swatches and furniture pieces, as well as between furniture pieces in the same finish, due to the natural wood grains.
  • Size tolerances are expected: All pieces will be made within a tolerance of 1″ of specified dimensions.

    Is your furniture made with toxic chemicals?

    Because we manufacture our own goods, we are incredibly selective in the materials that we use in each piece. Our performance fabrics use no PFC chemicals. 

    Do you have a designer program?

    Yes! We are very happy to have a Trade Program that we offer special benefits to. This includes special pricing and additional options, as well as sneak peaks and previews to new and upcoming styles. You can apply here.

    How long will it take to get my order?

    All of our furniture collections will ship within 3-6 weeks from the time it is entered into production. With all COM, orders will not be entered until we receive your fabric at our manufacturing plant. 

    How do I care for my custom furniture?

    Make the love last longer.

    Take care of your cushions. Turn, fluff, and rotate your seat cushions and back pillows bi-weekly. This step will keep your cushions looking great and keep your fabric color nice and even. 

    Watch the rays. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause leather and fabric to fade. 

    Vacuum monthly to remove dirt, dust, and pet hair. 

    What are performance fabrics?

    Performance Fabric is a term used in the furniture industry to describe fabrics that are easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. Simple stains should be able to come out with a little water and blotting. Tough stains like coffee, cupcakes, and dirty paws, should be able to come out with some household or upholstery cleaners. 

    Performance fabrics should also resist abrasion over the long term. You shouldn’t see the fabric start to fall apart after a year of use. Performance Fabric is the best choice for high traffic areas and living spaces needing to stand the test of time. 

    How long are your lead times?

    Our lead times for all of our furniture collections is 3-6 weeks from the time the order is placed into production. With all COM, orders will not be entered until we receive your fabric at our manufacturing plant. 

    How do you keep your lead times so short?

    We source as many materials as possible from local vendors to ensure we keep our lead times and our environmental impact as small as possible. We stock our fabric to ensure you receive your beautiful piece in your home fast!

    How do I ensure that my piece will fit in my home?

    See our dimension guide to ensure our pieces will fit in your home and can be successfully delivered. Please note, we cannot accept returns or exchanges on furniture that we are unable to deliver due to sizing issues.  

    What is your return policy?

    We are only able to accept returns for manufacturing issues and freight damage.   We cannot accept returns or exchanges on pieces that have sizing/fit issues in your home. We cannot accept any returns or exchanges that have been altered or customized in any way post-delivery. Damage reported after 30 days may not be eligible for repairs or replacements. For our full refund policy please see our Shipping and Return policy.  

    Can I delay my order?

    Yes, we can hold your order for 60 days once completed. If you have a desired date, please let us know in advance and we will schedule our production accordingly. 

    Can I cancel or make changes to my order?

    You can only cancel or make changes to your order if we have not yet started cutting the fabric. Once the order goes into production the fabric is usually cut within 24 hours to get your furniture out to your home quickly. Email us as quickly as you can at 

    What is your warranty policy?

    Our Promise To You:

    Since 2020, The Hickory Oak has been dedicated to providing its clients with quality products and exceptional service. Our exclusive warranty reaffirms that commitment. Please take the time to read this before your purchase.

    <<Download the warranty brochure>>