Hailey Upholstery Fabric is 100% made in Kings Mountain, NC, by Revolution Fabrics.

Fabric details from Thanks to its unique blend of high-quality Polypropylene yarns, stains and spills are a breeze to clean. With the ability to be cleaned using diluted bleach or soapy water, maintaining the pristine look of your upholstered furniture has never been easier. Ideal for a range of applications, including upholstered headboards, ottomans, pillows, sofas, and chairs, this versatile fabric is designed to withstand daily use with an impressive 90,000 double rubs. Measuring at a generous 54″ fabric width, the Hailey Upholstery Fabric is available in a fabric orientation of RR for your convenience.

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Fabric Contents: 100% Polypropylene
Fabric Orientation: RR
Fabric Width: 54”
Fabric Double Rubs: 90,000

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